Uplifted Babywearing Consultingi by Kate Nisbet

Welcome to Uplifted!

Kate Nisbet is a babywearing consultant based in Bolton.

Contact: kate [at] uplifted.consulting


I'm Kate and I'm a qualified babywearing consultant. I was interested in babywearing when I was pregnant with son. I had him in March 2012 and started wearing him almost immediately. He had terrible colic and was a very unsettled baby and the only thing that kept him happy was to be upright and be on either me or my husband, Dan. I haven't looked back since then.

I took a sling with me when I had my second baby in 2014 and left the hospital wearing her. I started volunteering for my local sling library in Bolton in 2013 hoping to help other families.

Babywearing has been so important to us as a family not only through opening up boundaries literally but also socially. Since 2014 I have been volunteering at Bolton, Darwen and Blackburn sling meets and I decided it was time to take it further and really try to progress and help more people. With amazing amounts of help and support from my wonderful family, west pennine slings and Katrina I have passed my consultancy course and am looking forward to now putting my knowledge to good use. I am also excited to progress with my training next year.